AXIS design × 1PAC "Craftive"


AXIS design × 1PAC "Craftive"

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Craftive is a project organized by volunteers from AXIS design and 1PAC.INC, which aims to experiment various interactions. We exhibited the prototypes of 2 interactive products at Make: Tokyo Meeting 04 held on November 22nd and 23rd, 2009.


Have you ever felt troublesome measuring a size and taking memos when you plan to buy a furniture?
LOGER solves such a problem. It's so easy that you only need to measure where you want to measure with the tape and press a button on the body. LOGER then saves the measured data for you.
MEASURE+LOG=LOGER Suggested for you by Craftive
A photo flame is to store selected image data in its memory and to play them. PHOTOLOCK overturns such tradition. PHOTOLOCK automatically captures and saves a scene right in front of itself.
By rotating the knob on the body anticlockwise, a hand will start go backward toward past and rewind to the past data.
When you stop the knob, PHOTOLOCK will play scenes from the past to the present time and switch to the live mode.






AXIS design


Yusuke Okamura(AXIS design)
Kazuhiro Shigenobu(AXIS design)
Takeshi Iwata(AXIS design) Junya Abe(1PAC. INC.)
Masayuki Nomura(1PAC. INC.)
Daisuke Yoshimori(1PAC. INC.)
Atsushi Takahashi(1PAC. INC.)
Masanori Kondo(1PAC. INC.)
Youko Hananno(1PAC. INC.)
Shinji Yamaguchi(1PAC. INC.)

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