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Wacoal Smart Phone Site

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Undertook Wacoal Smartphone Site for Wacoal Corporation.
Based on our analysis of the user action scenario, we organized user lead tracks, Wacoal's problems, and the role(=business mission) of the Smartphone site as a digital marketing tool in order for the users to follow the site and solve their problems. We involved in the strategy planning, production and development.


We examined the role of the existing PC site, mobile site and the role in which the new Smartphone site should play to clarify the contents and functions. We made the site structure and the user lead tracks be specialized for a Smartphone site, in order to smoothly lead to the shop search that indicates a conversion rate to goods. Also, we improved the convenience of the shop search by incorporating location information with GPS.
As regards data coordination with PC site, a frequent issue in a development of the Smartphone site, we made the coordination between the product database and the shop database into API, and utilized the existing company's asset, the data.
In case of User Interface, we centered the product visual to provide enjoyment of selecting an item; also added ranking and recommend functions to provide a stress-free convenience. Also, we made certain rules for the parts and links used in the site to improve the usability.

We are conducting a continuous support to develop Wacoal Smartphone site in order to provide further experiences and values to the users.


Wacoal Corporation






Junya Abe(Pr,CD)
Daisuke Yoshimori(D)
Hideo Miyagi(AD,Ds)
Yukiko Sugiyama(ME)
Hiroyo Kida(TD,Pg)
Shinji Yamaguchi(Pg)

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