Suntory "Recipetta"


Suntory "Recipetta"

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Suntory came to us to renew and rebrand their media service website, “Recipitta” - Showcasing good, simple recipes that goes well with their liquor.


Leveraging on the existing recipes that Suntory have, we try provide value to meet users’ needs, evolving it as a communication platform that can contribute to business objectives.

In order to arrive at the solution, we carried out regular discussions with project members, defined personas and scenarios of core target users and identified user needs and insight. It was built on business requirements, from existing problems that set clear agendas, strategies and policies.

1. Defining a new tagline and service
Using Suntory’s brand as a base, we built a Suntory Recipe website with Suntory’s value and personality. The tagline, “Recipe that fits you and your alcohol”, in Japanese, “Anata ni pittari, osake ni au kantan recipe” - where we derive the site name, Recipitta, from.

2. Form of proposing new recipes
For each recipe, we propose a drink that fits the recipe. Using our user insights and scenario from our core target audience, we come up with 2 hypothesis, “Thinking about menu everyday is troublesome” and “we usually shop 1 week’s worth of grocery over the weekend”, to propose weekly menu on our site for our users every week.

3. Converting recipe information to database with API
We improved development productivity by converting menus into our database and building an independent API for the website.

4. Mechanism of membership and new features
In order to encourage continued usage of our website, we incorporated membership function of Suntory town. As a member, users can click on buttons such as “I want to make this dish!” or “I have made this dish!” to add it to their calendar, it also provides them with a shopping list function which they can print out as a grocery list. They can also earn Suntory points when they use the website.

5. Optimization for smartphone
In addition, we optimized the website for smartphone as per our user scenario, as we believe it is frequently used when user is cooking in the kitchen and out shopping for groceries. Some features, such as the calendar function, becomes complex in smartphone settings, therefore we have to clarify the role of the calendar function in each device.

With this renewal, we saw an increase in numbers of users, page views, as well as time spent on the website. In addition, even after the release of the renewed website, we continued to align and adjust the website in accordance to the reaction of user, status and log information to improve the performance.


Suntory Holdings Limited






Junya Abe (Pr, CD)
Yosuke Doke (TD)
Sho Kuwabara (AD)
Mitsuki Sato (Ds)
Yuka Nishida (FE)
HIromichi Haruna (SE)

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