This terms of use applies to 1PAC. INC., (hereafter, "Company"), website and various applications provided by Company (hereafter, "Company website and applications"). Please read the following terms, and use Company websites and applications only if you agree with the terms.
Company may change contents of the websites and specifications of the applications without prior notice. Please make sure to check the latest usage conditions.

1.Purpose of Company website and applications

Information on Company website and applications aims to provide information and services related to Company.


  • The copyrights of Company website and applications are owned by Company and third parties who have authorized their use on the site. You may not download and reprint the contents for commercial purposes without permissions from Company and the third parties.
  • The copyrights of your posts belong to you. However, by submitting content, you hereby grant Company and a person designated by Company an unlimited time restriction and non-exclusive license to use the content. You also hereby agree to not exercise author's moral right over Company and a person designated by Company.


Company name, product name, or service mark are the trademarks of Company and other owners of the trademarks.


By accessing this homepage as well as Company applications, you agree that Company is not responsible for any damages caused due to use of the information or content included in Company website and applications.

5.Linking to other websites

Company website and applications may contain links to other websites maintained by other parties. Use of the linked sites shall be conducted under your own responsibility. Company hereby is not responsible for use of linked sites and any damages caused due to information on the linked sites.

6.Prohibited Usage

  • You may use Company website and applications solely for your personal purposes. Except as expressly permitted by Company, you may not use Company website and applications for any secondary commercial use.
  • Posting your personal information and defamation of third parties in Company website and applications is prohibited. Company may delete a part or whole of your post if we find that your post violates the terms, your post has passed a certain period of time from its posting, and/or your post contains inappropriate contents. Company is not responsible for any troubles and damages caused by comments posted by you.
  • Any behavior that is threatening, restricting, and invading rights of the third parties and Company is prohibited.
  • You may not let third parties transfer, approve, or delete the rights and obligations related this terms.

7.Change, termination, and temporary suspension of Company website and applications

  • Company may, in its sole discretion, change and terminate contents,appearance, and operation of the contents, displays, and operational methods of Company website and applications.
  • Company may, without a prior notice, suspend or terminate the release and operation of Company website and applications. Company takes no responsibility for the suspension and termination.
  • After the operation of Company website and applications end, Company may erase posting information posted by a customer.


  • Your personal information provided through Company website is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect any unauthorized access by third parties. Personal information that Company found necessary is protected with SSL to increase its secure level. Also, personal information is managed based on Company's management criteria, and is protected from access, loss, destruction, defacing, leak and virus with a fire-wall and other anti-virus settings.
  • A certain part of Company website and applications uses OpenID for a function of the member registration. Please obtain your own OpenID first. Please contact each OpenID authorization service on how to obtain OpenID.

9.Sponsor Ads

Sponsor ads may be linked, such as, on a planning page for Company website and applications.


Sites and services that Company operates may use cookies. A cookie is a system that temporally saves a certain information in a customer's hard drive, then identifies the customer from the saved data every time when the customer accesses. Our services premise the use of cookies. Thus, when the use of cookies is not permitted in the customer's computer, some of our services may not be available. You can set on a blower whether or not to permit the use of cookies. Unless you refuse the use of cookies on your blower, you are agreeing to transmissions by cookies.

11.Access Log

This site stores information of the individual who has accessed as the access log. The access log includes domain names, IP addresses, a type of blowers, and access date; however, it usually does not contain information that can detect an individual.The recorded access log is only for statistical and analytical purposes.
Some of the pages in this website contains collection and analysis services of the access log which uses Web beacon and cookies. In this case, Web beacon for sending access information to collection and analysis server of the service providers embedded. When a user visits that specific page, anonymous access log is recorded to the server linked from Web beacon. Also, cookies related to Web Beacon are sent to users. By disabling cookies, Web beacon and the cookies will be disconnected. You may not be able tsp or some of our services.

12.Recommended environment

The following browsers are recommended to view and use this website with comfort.


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 and above
  • FireFox 12.0 and above


  • Safari 5.0 and above
  • FireFox 12.0 and above


If Javascript is disabled on your browser, some of the contents may not be used or viewed as intended. To use all the contents, we recommend you to enable the setting of Javascript.


The following technology is needed to view our site.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player above 9.0

15.Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

Except where otherwise stipulated, the laws of Japan shall be applied to the use of Company website and applications and the implementation of the Terms.
Except where otherwise stipulated, you hereby irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in any and all disputes, controversies or differences arising out of and/or relating to Company website and applications.

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