1PAC. INC., (hereafter "Company") recognizes the importance of the personal information and asks for thorough protection. We hereby opens our privacy policy to practice policies related to personal information and other laws and regulations, in order to achieve an appropriate handling of the personal information.

1.Personal Information Collected by Company

We collect personal information(name, address, phone number, email address, sex, occupation, birth of dates) to the extent necessary for providing the information of our services. Collected personal information may be used mutually among our services.
Also, before and after collecting personal information, if our purpose has not been clearly specified, we shall specify our purpose of collecting personal information.

2.How We Use Personal Information

We use collected personal information to the extent necessary to achieve our purpose of use. If we use personal information for the purpose undefined below, we shall use the information upon obtaining agreements of our customers.

  • Provide our products, services and supports
  • Send information about products, services and supports by Company and our affiliates
  • Respond to inquiries and requests by our customers
  • Request for monitoring of our products and services, and questionaries
  • Provide campaign and send gifts
  • Other contact related to contracts and transaction
  • Order by laws

3.How We Share Personal Information with Other Parties

We may outsource a part of entire handling of personal information to other parties, in order to carry out a smooth operation.
In such case, we conduct rigorous examinations, contract about the handling personal information, and appropriate supervision in order to establish a security management of the personal information.
We may also disclose the personal information in the following cases.

  • Customer's agreement for information disclosure is obtained
  • For the purpose of providing products and services to customers, disclosure and share of the information are considered necessary
  • For the purpose of providing products and services to customers, information is requested by companies on consignment from Company
  • In case of official order by law from courts, police, and public institutions
  • When a customer's behavior on this website is considered necessary to protect rights of Company and other customers, properties, and services
  • When urgent danger to human lives, bodies, and properties are found, and urgent correspondence is required

4.About Security Control of Personal Information

We take necessary and appropriate measures for security control of personal information, such as prevention of the loss, damage, and leal of the personal information.

5.About Disclosure of Personal Information

When we receive requests for disclosure of the personal information by themselves and their representatives, we shall respond to the requests within a reasonable period of time, except as specified in below.

  • There may be damages to lives, bodies, properties and other rights of the customers themselves and other parties
  • There may be significant hindrance to our operation
  • There may be violations of laws

6.About Corrections of Personal Information

When we receive requests for correcting, adding, deleting, or discussing (hereafter, "Correction") their personal information by themselves or their representatives, we will take all reasonable steps to examine the information, and based on the results, we will make Corrections of the personal information.


Your personal information provided through Company website is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect any unauthorized access by third parties. Personal information that Company found necessary is protected with SSL to increase its secure level. Also, personal information is managed based on Company's management criteria, and is protected from access, loss, destruction, defacing, leak and virus with a fire-wall and other anti-virus settings.


Sites and services that Company operates may use cookies.
A cookie is a system that temporally saves a certain information in a customer's hard drive, then identifies the customer from the saved data every time when the customer accesses.
Our services premise the use of cookies. Thus, when the use of cookies is not permitted in the customer's computer, some of our services may not be available.
You can set on a blower whether or not to permit the use of cookies. Unless you refuse the use of cookies on your blower, you are agreeing to transmissions by cookies.

9.Access Log

This site stores information of the individual who has accessed as the access log. The access log includes domain names, IP addresses, a type of blowers, and access date; however, it usually does not contain information that can detect an individual. The recorded access log is only for statistical and analytical purposes.

Some of the pages in this website contains collection and analysis services of the access log which uses Web beacon and cookies. In this case, Web beacon for sending access information to collection and analysis server of the service providers embedded. When a user visits that specific page, anonymous access log is recorded to the server linked from Web beacon. Also, cookies related to Web Beacon are sent to users. By disabling cookies, Web beacon and the cookies will be disconnected. You may not be able tsp or some of our services.

10.Contact Us About Privacy Policy

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