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JUN.28.2010Collaboration of "TRAVATAR" and the film "Uchu show he yokoso"

"Uchu Show he Yokoso", the movie which will be in a theater from July 26, 2010, and our popular iPhone App "TRAVATAR" started the tie-up project "Zugaan wo sagase" on the same day as the movie release. Pochi, the alien, will emerge in the world of TRAVATAR where various unique avators live. Help Pochi who seeks the ancient plant Zugaan to get a reward from Pochi. When you visit "Uchu Show he Yokoso Premium Shop" which opened on July 24th at Shibuya Parco, you will receive original goods on a first-come-first-served basis ! Also, on 27th at Cine Quint on 8th floor, Shibuya Parco Part3, our staff Nomura will participate in the talk show by director Mr. Masunari and producer Mr. Ochigoe.
[About collaboration project "Zugaan wo sagase"]
Pochi, one of the characters in "Uchu Show he Yokoso", wandered into the world of TRAVATAR. Pochi came to the earth to look for the ancient plant Zugaan. Inside TRAVATAR, Pochi also seeks Zugaan. During the period of the collaboration, if you access TRAVATAR at some particular locations in Japan, you will get Zugaan. If you found Zugaan, you will receive a reward from Pochi. For those who visit "monozoku" on 5th floor at Shibuya Parco Part 3 with the avatar which received a reward from Pochi, a special gift will be distributed in order of arrival. ※Please note that the supply is limited, also it may end without a prior notice. ※The end day of this collaboration project is undecided. Please note the project may end without a prior notice.