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OCT.29.20121PAC × DNP exhibited at dotFes2012 SENDAI.

The first collaborative unit in 2 years by 1PAC and DNP exhibited an installation work at dotFes2012 SENDAI held in Sendai City in Oct. 21st 2012.
The work is called “Device Organized Table ver. Face”, abbreviated to “d.o.t face”, in which the unit has planned and developed especially for dotFes.
dotFace photo1
Today new devices appear one after another. As they come in, many other devices are out. On this table, devices behave like living creatures and try to tell us messages. We live in the society whose consumption cycle is so rapid, so we wish it create an awareness to cherish things.
dotFace photo2
When you shake and/or swing four iPhone hanged from the above, they change expressions and show messages on their displays in conjunction with the movements of iPhone. Sound and light are also coordinated, thus you will feel like they are talking.
dotFace photo3
Some people were shaking like crazy. The booth was small, but it was so popular!
dotFace photo4
In the main program, Abe joined the talk session as a moderator. Mr. Tomohiro Nagasaki from WOW, Mr. Seishi Ono from Concept Conception*, and Mr. Motoki Koitabashi from akaoni Design discussed about “MADE IN TOHOKU Possibility of Creatives”.