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JUN.15.2012Renewed our VISION & MISSION and company website toward 1PAC 5th anniversary!

1PAC is going to enter its 5th year in January 2013. From the rise of social media and smartphone in recent years, communication of the people has changed dramatically. Despite being caught in the whirlpool of flux, brands, agencies, and productions go through our days seeking the way communication should be in our society.

We set “We Create Communication of New Age!” to promise that 1PAC aims to become a communication support company centered on the digital field, which supports an end-user and a company, as well as between companies. We also strengthen our role as a production to create new values in society with clients through the power of creative and technology.

Every staff wishes to treasure each output they created with the clients who have been supporting us as partners, so we thought about how we can show the works respectably, thus renewed the website. Not only is it compatible with smartphone, but also it has English version for a global expansion in future.

We hope you enjoy.

1PAC Staff All

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